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Piper Lauren, July 17, 2012

What an adorable little peanut, right? A wonderful delivery, albeit a wee bit lengthy, that I am so excited and proud to have been witness to. Mom and Dad were a great team, and despite a very long labour, Mom kept her strength up and was an absolute rock star in the delivery room! There were lots of bets taken by family and friends on when this little bean would arrive…and whether she would need a pink hat or a blue hat! Needless to say, this baby girl surprised both Mom and Dad, (but not Auntie L) on her birthday and her gender! I could tell Dad was a “goner” as soon as he laid eyes on her, so sweet to see someone so in love with their baby, not to mention their partner! Mom worked her butt off to bring Piper into the world, and man, once Piper decided she wanted to be born, she sure let Mom know!

I am so happy for this lovely couple and thank them from the bottom of my Oola Doula heart for allowing me the honour of being at Piper’s birth and to support you and welcome Piper into the world! Congratulations to first time parents, who are already, making it look too easy :)

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