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Hello! Welcome to my new website, and my new blog! I would first like to acknowledge the many people who had a hand in helping make this dream, a reality. Firstly, Caren Morris of Blue Bear Solutions for being the brains and beauty behind the design of this site (and my sweet little logo!) and for putting up with my constant requests and changes. All of the photographs on this site are courtesy of the very talented wedding and family photographer, Meg Boorman Photography. Thank you to all the moms and dads and families who agreed to be in photoshoots and who gave testimonials. Also, a huge thanks to all my friends and family members who encouraged me to pursue this calling of doula work and who gave me enormous support, even in the face of extreme self-doubt. From the name of my business to the look and feel of this site, friends and family, coworkers, fellow doulas and random passer-by’s on the streets have helped to shape what you see here today! Keep your eyes on the site, as well as follow or like me on Facebook and Twitter. I will be blogging and tweeting and posting up a storm before too long (well, I already am!), you won’t want to miss it. :) Oh, and watch for me scooting by you on the streets of Victoria on my super rad ride, my little scoot scoot!

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