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What do I do as a Doula?

As a doula, I...

As your doula, I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital. I am independent and self-employed.

Postpartum Care

If you require more support following the birth of your child or children, I offer postpartum doula services which include:

The postpartum period (or fourth trimester) is a time of great adjustment for most families, you are introducing a new human or humans into your home, I can help with that transition, by providing you with helpful information and support during this time and being an extra set of hands around the house. I like to call what I do “Mothering the Mother” (which is part of the title of a very good book by Marshall Klaus), as if your own mother (or the best parts of her) were in your home, taking care of you and your family in the way you would hope your own mother would.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is challenging at some point or another for EVERY single mom. For first time moms, it is a completely new skill to learn…and babies have just as much learning to do as well! Even if you have successfully breastfed your other children, you or your newborn may have other challenges or quirks, which could need a little extra support, at least in the beginning! I am confident that just about (and I mean like 99%) of mothers who want to breastfeed their baby will be able to, given the correct support/instruction. I am happy to offer any help with breastfeeding that I can, and am well connected to other specialists in the community should a referral to another healthcare practitioner be necessary.

"My wife went into preterm labour at 33.5 weeks. Pam became an amazing support for my wife and myself by providing us education about the process of breastfeeding a premature baby. Pam reassured my wife in a highly emotional time which made my job as a husband much easier."
~ Luciano

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