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Morning Sickness

The majority of pregnant women will suffer from morning (or all day!) sickness at some point during their pregnancy. Although, the first trimester is often the most difficult time, morning sickness can last throughout a pregnancy. Here are a few little tips to help calm the nausea:

Bath Labour

If you are planning a home birth, you will need certain things in your home to ensure a safe and comfortable birth experience.

Just as if you are planning on giving birth at a hospital, you will want and need certain things. The links below will give you an idea of what to bring or have on hand during labour. A few other essentials I would add are: cell phone charger, a robe or wrap sweater, ear plugs and old or new (but cheap) panties that you won’t mind throwing out. :)

Hospital Bag Check List

If you are planning a home birth, I would encourage you to gather or purchase these items at least one month before your estimated due date.

Home Birth Kit


Having a new baby can be overwhelming! So many questions! Should my baby sleep this much? Swaddle? No swaddle? Breastmilk? Formula? Immunizations? WAAAAAH!

I strongly encourage you to visit The Baby’s Best Chance Website, and make sure you get your free print copies of Both Baby’s Best Chance and Toddler’s First Steps from your health care provider!

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